Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Help Stop Commercial Overdevelopment of the Far West Village!

Your continued support is needed to get a desperately-needed rezoning in the Far West Village.

For 16 months community groups have been asking the city to get rid of a ‘C6-1’ zone in the Far West Village which encourages oversized hotel and dorm development. We have gotten no commitment from the city to act, and no commitment from any of our local elected officials to support this rezoning. Time is running out!

But you can help. Please e-mail our local elected officials and tell them to support the community’s request for a change to the C6-1 zone in the Far West Village. Send the following message:

Dear Speaker Quinn, Borough President Stringer, Congressman Nadler, State Senator Duane, Assemblymember Glick,

I strongly urge you to support the community’s call for a change to the C6-1 zone in the Far West Village. This outdated zoning promotes out-of-scale commercial and community facility development in this low-scale, predominantly residential, historic neighborhood.

I am aware that you have been in touch with the City about the community’s request, but that you also have not yet taken a position on that request. This is something the community has been calling for for over 16 months. We need the support of elected officials like you NOW for this effort.




Send it to:

Speaker Quinn – http://council.nyc.gov/d3/html/members/home.shtml,

and send copy to NIsaacs@council.nyc.gov and KSeely@council.nyc.gov.

Borough President Stringer – bp@manhattanbp.org, smyers@manhattanbp.org, and SKhan@manhattanbp.org.

Congressman Nadler – http://www.house.gov/nadler/emailform.shtml, and send a copy to Erin.Drinkwater@mail.house.gov.

State Senator Duane – duane@senate.state.ny.us, laura@tomduane.com, and crystal@tomduane.com

Assemblymember Glick – glickd@assembly.state.ny.us and bordenm@assembly.state.ny.us.

For more information about the effort to rezone the C6-1 zone in the Far West Village, see http://farwestrezoning.blogspot.com/ and http://www.gvshp.org/FWVZoning.htm.

Our Perry Street Fair Table

Our Perry Street Fair Table
Geoffrey and Alice work the petition table at the Fair